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Quality products -- the company in the "high quality, high requirements, high treatment" under the guidelines, and strive to provide you with higher quality products and better service. With the spirit of quality-oriented enterprise and the service tenet of "sincere care", we will make continuous efforts to forge ahead, serve customers and repay the society.

Scientific design -- from the actual needs of customers, each product is scientific design and strict process control. Strictly comply with the process flow and process indicators, each batch of products have a strict test, strict quality control, always put product quality in the first place.

longer product service life -- reliable product performance, cutting can be complete, convenient selection; At the same time, the products by virtue of high efficiency, high quality and long service life, low failure rate and less wear parts and sell well all over the world.

Exquisite technology -- the company has established and maintained a complete set of quality management system

Strict quality testing -- the company has passed the GMP assessment of medical device production, ISO13485 international quality management system certification, and EU CE product quality certification.

Professional team -- The company has a number of high-quality management personnel and professional operation team.

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The pursuit of quality always runs through the production and development of enterprises, and provides qualified products with high standards and strict requirements for cooperative enterprises.

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Contact Person:Xie Tao
Address:209 km from Jiangshu 312 National Road, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province

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