Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment

First-class talents are the foundation for building a first-class enterprise. The development of an enterprise requires talents, and talents must be cultivated. We follow the employment philosophy of "discovering talents, training talents, and retaining talents". Continuously deliver fresh blood for the enterprise, and give talents a broad sky to spread their wings and soar.

1. The trust concept of "no doubt about employing people, and no doubt about others", to build a platform for scientific and technological personnel to carry out technological innovation;

2. Establish the talent competition mechanism of “the capable ones, the equal ones let the average ones go, and the mediocre ones get down”;

3. Encourage every employee to use their own high expectations to motivate themselves, high standards to demand themselves, and encourage every employee to struggle and grow together with the company.

Widely open channels for talent introduction, sincerely invite talents from all over the world to join

We actively broaden the channels for attracting talents and adopt a comprehensive approach of “two walks, multiple channels”. The first is to enter various types of high-level talent markets and attract all kinds of talents needed by enterprises. The second is to participate in the talent dialogue activities of other institutions of higher learning, negotiate and communicate with the talents of universities, and make two-way selection; the problem of the source of talents for our career development is solved. In addition, it also recruits talents through various channels such as international cooperation, headhunting companies, and the establishment of talent websites.

Let go of the use of talents and realize a reasonable allocation of posts

We adhere to the employment principle of "the sage is at the top, the wise at the side, the capable at the center, and the meritorious at the front". We have established "cadres can move up and down, personnel can enter and exit, institutions can be set up and withdrawn, and income can be high and low. The "four abilities" employment mechanism. Through the design of career development plans for employees, combined with the implementation of performance appraisal, education and training, and rotation exercises, it creates a good environment for talent use and a benign competition and incentive mechanism.

Create an environment for retaining talents and maintain the core competitiveness of the company

We implement the strategy of retaining talents of "retaining people with emotion, career, treatment, and culture". Make talents have a sense of accomplishment and pride in their careers, thereby generating a sense of responsibility and belonging of "the enterprise is prosperous, and the enterprise is shameful", so that people can be retained by their careers; the salary system is continuously reformed and paid vacations are implemented. Promote all employees to participate in the insurance, relieve the "worries of the future" of talents, and keep people with treatment; continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, adhere to the management philosophy of "people-oriented", and keep people with culture.

"Have inclusive of all rivers, let the dragon take off; Thousands of boats compete for development, let the heroes compete first."

Our talent concept is and will continue to promote the healthy and rapid development of the company.


The pursuit of quality always runs through the production and development of enterprises, and provides qualified products with high standards and strict requirements for cooperative enterprises.

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